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Oertelshain - About us


Oertelshain is part of Remse located in a quiet spot on the edge of the Zwickauer Muldental. Our village is one of the smallest in Germany with just 6 farms. Currently 21 people are living here.


The roots of the village go back to 1390 when it was first mentioned in the certificate Veit I. In a purchase agreement of the Schönburger's from 1543 it had been renamed Adelshain. Until 1937 Oertelshain was an independent village but was then incorporated into Remse.

The municipality now consists of: Kertzsch, Kleinchursdorf and Weidensdorf.


Our farm was built 1819 - 1822 and we bought it in the 1980s. We have happily lived in this gorgeous, quaint village since May 1989. Of the four traditional buildings only two still exist. We preserved a range of historic details, for example the original writings on the former cow barn building.


We don't use the farm for traditional agriculture anymore but there are animals to interact with, we make hay twice a year, the garden offers many secret treasure at all times of year, from carps swimming in the pond to newly blooming flowers.


So, if you're interested in a quiet and relaxing holiday, enjoy cycling, visiting historic castles then this is the place to stay.


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We are looking forward having you as our guests.